Often, the first thing to go when a family has finical troubles is a child's education. As a result, the gap between the (have and have-nots) widens, as many of the well-off take this opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and get ahead. To address this issue, MADE had an event, "Technology for Students," to give back to students who do not have the means to afford the technology. MADE's goal is to help bridge the "digital divide."

On December 7, 2019, we were able to bless several students with flat-screen monitors, keyboards, and computer mouses to help them engage with their peers and learn about the world in innovative ways. A special thank you to our guest Hakim Laws for coming out and giving his support for this great cause.

MADE has made its mission very clear: "When you purchase MADE apparel, you help us to help others." Your continued support allows us to put on more event like this that helps the less fortunate.